Where is Glory?

  I will answer your question,
  And you will still be asking,
  Where glory is found,
  And how can it be mine?

  It is found in long battles,
  And in medals and papers,
  And it’s worthless,
  But you’ve stopped listening by now.

  Glory is a young man’s game.
  For those with glory comes regret.
  Forgiveness is bestowed if you outlive regret.
  Though not everyone does.
  And you’ve already left.

  The look on your face,
  The medal on your chest,
  It’s his now the same.
  As he took his last breath.
  May you live to forgive yourself.
  But you’ve already left.


I briefly thought about becoming a recruiter for the Air Force while I was still in since I needed a break from the war. I would not have been a good recruiter.

posted 1785 days ago