A couple came into my job at a frame shop looking for us to make a wooden sculpture for their daughter's wedding. I told them we can cut 45 degree angles in a frame shop and that's about it but that I could make it for them.

It was supposed to be a sculpture and a prop in the wedding, a replacement for the candle ceremony that would include their granddaughter. And cost a whole lot more than one more candle but it wasn't a bad idea, I could see something in the design they came to me with and they were easy to work with.

/r/DIY on reddit was always kinda cool when I visited so maybe hubski crafters can show off their projects too


I too enjoyed the DIY posts. I really like what you did on this piece. I wouldn't think asking someone to make a sculpture is very common especially at a frame shop, is it a common request?

Does it have holes for wedding pictures or is it just a statue of sorts that represents something?

I think you did a great job on craftsmanship and such but I think its kind of weird they wanted their grand-daughter included. Is it a sort of memorial for her?

posted by tacocat: 1298 days ago