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So we moved to our second Airbnb place today, after grabbing last minute souvenirs, liquor, beer, cigarettes, and breakfast in Willemstad.

It's pretty epic. I don't usually talk about money and cost but this place is $70USD/night. A tweaker motel in LA with cockroaches and sex all over the comforter is $80/night. I also just read an article stating "you don't need to be a millionaire to travel", listing places in the use that were $180/night.

This one has a full blown outdoor area, deck down on the ocean, another deck with ladder into the ocean, full party area complete with TWO bars and an indoor/outdoor kitchen, and an in-the-ground aquarium with fish he's caught off the coast of his motherfucking house.

And its the house and the "studio" (where we are), a big room with bedroom and wardrobe and a big bathroom. There's no one else here besides us and the owner.

That green pipe in the background is his pump to the "aquarium". The white one is out. Yes. His ocean is the motherfucking sump.

Lionfish are prickly little fuckers. He has three in his moat/aquarium They are very popular in the aquarium business and you will never walk into a fish store and not see a lionfish or two. There's no reason your average aquarist should ever have a lionfish as they will kill all your other fish, unless your other fish are at least it's size. It's also got poisonous spines and shit that will fuck you up for life, too.


mk - that thing in the last image is one of those worms that was in our tank. This one has a 1-inch diameter.

Apparently, they are not native to the Caribbean or Atlantic and have no predators here. Also, apparently letting tourist hunt them with spears is a thing we can pay to do here. (note: if you click that link you MUST watch the video with the SOUND ON!)

Since they eat pretty much everything in sight and have no natural predators, hunting them is savage, yet good since the fact that they live here has cut down the diversity of the reef by a lot.

Also, fun fact, you can buy salvia at the grocery store here.

Anyways, we just cooked up some lovely Yellowtail in our indoor/outdoor kitchen.

Just to reiterate....this place is ALL OURS. It's a house. With a bar. On the ocean. Say whaaaaaa?!


Sounds wonderful. Looks wonderful. I am at the office late working on an invited review of a brain tumor treatment that basically no one has tested but me, which seems ridiculous. We are going camping tomorrow, and I need it.

Spear an invasive species depleting Caribbean biodiversity for a badge.

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