On Thursday, Mr. Rose, 38, announced that his five-person team working on Watchville, a news aggregation app focused exclusively on wristwatches and based in San Francisco, will merge with Hodinkee, a site for wristwatch enthusiasts.


Well that's...specific.

I've been wondering about the sub $1,000 quartz-movement watch segment. It's sort of the entry point of "luxury" for new enthusiasts, and probably the segment that is going to be decimated by wearables in the not so distant future. They can't compete on functionality, yet they lack the craftsmanship and engineering that mechanical movements are cherished for.

Of course, wearable tech moving mainstream could just ignite an already established trend...watches (especially dumb watches) are jewelry so owning more than one makes a lot of sense.

posted by mk: 1349 days ago