Really happy with this post. Got the idea yesterday and couldn't believe I'd never thought of it. Probably the fastest turn around time ever on a kenning blog post. Also I reference rappers and stuff because I'm funny. ha ha ha I'm clever and don't say I'm not or I'll write a poem and kill you. You might even get a papercut and those hurt.



    It is not even remotely strange for me, though, to murder people in my poems. I may do it a little too frequently. A collection of murdered or missing exes looks bad, even if it’s only in your poems. It gets a little boring.

Easily one of my favorite lyrics is from Wilco's Via Chicago

  I dreamed about killing you again last night 
  And it felt alright to me 
  Dying on the banks of Embarcadero skies 
  I sat and watched you bleed
  Buried you alive with a fireworks display
  Raining down on me
  Your cold, hot blood
  Ran away from me to the sea

posted 1826 days ago