Spring Forward, Fall Back

by Troy Jollimore

  In November, the hours are slower;
  winding down weather, the fresh lather
  of a first snow.  The winter,
  with its months of hospital afternoons

  waits huddled just over the border.
  And ice will make all the distances
  that much further.  Speak now, kiss now
  before the river freezes altogether.
Obviously a poem more apt to post in November, but the advice is good for any time change. "Speak now, kiss now/before the river freezes altogether."


Wow, powerful poem! Thanks for that. It really strikes a chord with me as someone who has spent many cold afternoons in hospitals thinking about the coming winter and end of the year. Speak now, kiss now. Wow!

By the way, here in Norway, as in most of Europe, we will change our clocks on 30 March. I really don't much care for DST, changing the rhythm of the days feels terribly unnatural.

posted by lil: 1445 days ago