I want to create a legacy, jobs for people, follow my own happiness.. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, but never developed an original business idea. Still don't have it. Hope I'll find somebody smart with a great idea/opportunity to start our own company.


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I think this is a good idea, but I don't think anyone here will want to start a business with someone they just met.

Hubski is a very tightly knit community, it's not like reddit in many ways but my favourite is that if you interact with someone, you will very likely interact with them again. Because of this we grow to know and trust eachother, a lot of people on here would happily start businesses with eachother but only with people they know well and have interacted with, not strangers.

I suggest you subscribe to some tags you're interested in and check your feed(If you're not too picky about what content you see look at global or chatter) for anything that catches your eye and join in the conversation by going to the link's comment section, or get acquainted with Hubski by posting something to a popular tag like Askhubski, Technology or Music. This way people don't need to be following you to see your posts(People can also see your posts if someone they follow shares something you post), only the tag you post to.

posted by hukep111: 1183 days ago