That achievement is an incredibly bad example of sexism in video games.

The person never really defines why it isn't ok. They never take a moment to consider the context of an M rated game where you do thousands of similarly immoral acts, and the writer never defines why this achievement is sexist. It's a reference to old western movies. Expecting people to never include stuff like this, or to always make sure you can put both men and women on the track is asking way too much. This isn't the issue with the video games industry.

There should have been far more focus on the assassins creed unity stuff, on the GTA comment, etc. "oh no we were violent to a girl" is nothing in a game that is basically about being senselessly violent. "why are all the women vein and ignorant in X game" is a far better point and actually has value to being discussed.

posted by user-inactivated: 1737 days ago