Today I started working on a simple android app for Hubski. As of now, it's just a collection of RSS feeds. I'm hoping to figure out how to add hubwheels using some magic but that isn't done yet. If people are interested I wouldn't mind fleshing it out into a more full-fledged app, but I'd probably need help from a more experienced developer. It'll make it just a bit easier to access hubski on mobile.

There wasn't much in the ToS about third party apps so I hope this is cool? The precedent I saw was the browser extensions like HES. I don't mean to violate any of Hubski's copyrights or anything, so if it needs to be changed in any way I can do that.

Any suggestions/questions/criticism?


I applaud your initiative. Mobile is something that definitely has some big pain points. We are always down to have more people who develop extensions, applications, etc.

Just for your information, we are just beginning a complete rewrite of Hubski - backend and frontend. We are going to move away from a hacked arc hackernews site to something that is truly ours and works for us. With this will come a better experience - across all devices. That said, since the team here at Hubski all have day jobs, the launch of the updated site probably won't be until Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Hopefully, this re-write will also make it easier for users like you to develop, integrate, and build off Hubski in the future. Certain parts of the site may become open source, we will probably include a usable API, etc. Everyone likes something a bit different and we can't satisfy everyone. We would love to have a thriving developer community who add features and change the look/feel of Hubski as they see fit so that everyone can be satisfied.

posted by mitvit: 1641 days ago