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Been a bit of a while since our last IRC drink club chat. Here's my gracious attempt at revival. For this edition the theme will be rye whiskey (or for all you Canadian Hubskiers rye whisky). It's among my favorite whiskey variations, and has a long history in America. So I'm told, once upon a time in the time of our Founders all the way to the days just before prohibition, rye was the most common form of American whiskey. Sadly, it became a tragic casualty of the 18th Amendment, that most shameful of laws to disgrace our Constitution since the end of slavery.

According to my novice knowledge of rye, to properly be called an American Rye, the whiskey must contain at least 51% rye mash, although many contain much more. No such law exists is Canada. Canada makes very good rye, but buyer beware: You have to read the label to ensure you're not getting corn whiskey with a touch of rye for flavor. There is also a variety known as malted rye, the biggest American brand being Old Potrero (big thanks to cliffelam for pointing it out to me long, long ago right here on our humble site). I shall be drinking that as well as a more traditional rye, perhaps the Canadian 1910, which is delicious, or maybe Redemption, which has encouraged some of us Hubskiers to do unspeakable things on occasion.

If you would like to mix it up (pun egregiously intended), try a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Whiskey Sour, all of which were originally, and should properly still be, made with rye. Obviously this is a matter of taste, but rye has a spicy flavor and lacks the at times overpowering sweetness of bourbon, making it a perfect cocktail mixer. A Manhattan is among my personal favorite cocktails, which I usually make with 2:1 whiskey:sweet vermouth, with just a drop or two of angostura bitters. The vermouth has been denigrated by many bartenders in recent years, but I really love the character it gives the whiskey. Buy a small bottle if you can find one, because vermouth doesn't keep like stronger alcohol. Or alternatively, drink fast and often.

Rye is a wonderful spirit, and many are reasonably priced, too! But, as always, all are welcome to join to the chat, independent of one's having or not having a theme bottle. The crew has been light for the last couple of drink clubs, so please join! They're actually a lot of fun for not actually being present with friends. And you don't have to drunk drive home. Click here to joins us!

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Finally! Yay! I'm probably going to try something new (and regret it). I currently have half a bottle of both redemption and bulliet rye at my place and they're both amazing.

    maybe Redemption, which has encouraged some of us Hubskiers to do unspeakable things on occasion.


Looking forward to this.

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