So about three weeks ago I posted on the future of Hubski book clubs. The discussion there was varied and helpful, but the important distinction for me was that "fiction" and "non-fiction" were more useful than "book" and "all things sci fi."

In light of zebra2's observations, I'd like to put forth a few ground rules:

1) Book must be available free online or for less than $10.

2) Book must have at least 4 endorsements - if you see something good, recommend it, don't come up with something else, because we fragment too easily. Champion that thing. Make a guess as to how long it'll take to read, and why we should bother. "Because I've had it on my shelf for a while" does not cut it; "I added this to my shelf eight months ago because" is a much better place to argue from.

3) person who suggests the current book gets to run the club the next time.

4) Book must be something that a reasonably busy person can plow through in 4-5 weeks.

5) Fuck the shoutouts. Subscribe to the tag.


I'm a let this congeal then judge whatever gets the highest vote.


I am going to ignore your fragmentation advice temporarily, because I really want to remind everyone that Tolkien's Beowulf just came out and it would be perfect.

posted 2190 days ago