Not sure if I agree with his theory that the power of corporations will wane over the next 100 years, but an interesting read.

mk: This brings together for me some ideas that have been floating about my brain. The statement: "Schumpeterian corporation was about colonizing individual minds." crystallized some of these ideas for me.

I am not sure about Coasean growth, but I do agree that Schumpeterian growth has found limits. For many recent proposed solutions, it's debatable whether or not they even solve anything, or if that even matters. People just need to use it. -The Like button.

Two related ideas that I can't get rid of as late are: 1. States are beginning to fail the individual, and will continue to do so. 2. Our new problems to be solved are existential; we are now trying to solve ourselves.

Can we run out of dimensions to sell?

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