You always see me as something I'm not

    Quiet as the grave upon which we swore ourselves

    Timid like a chittering squirrel, indecisive

    Like a housecat lurking about a ball of yarn

    Not coiled and ready and strong

    Not solemn and steady but wronged



    And I see you as an ideal

    Not an angel or a princess or--

    No, simply something to live up to

    Something to wish for and never attain

    A grail, a snowcapped mountaintop

    The tallest tree in the darkest forest



    Yet ... tender is the night

    For all our crimes it forgives us

    Time after time after heartbreak

    How it beckons even now, but I am firm--

    And then you bite your lip

    And I am lost to your embrace


good night, hubski


Flags - did you write that?

posted 2136 days ago