Popular painter Jheronimus Bosch sighed as he folded in the sides of his ambitious triptych. "Have I made the trail too obvious?" he wondered, not for the first time. "No matter, it is done. The Manuscript is safely en route to Italy. Its secrets will stay out of the hands of the Society, they must!" His hands trembled slightly, then he clenched them tight.

"But humanity must not lose that knowledge forever. The alchemical and botanical knowledge it contains will lead to the creation of the most awesome and potent philters. Imagine: no more illness or infirmity, every body nourished and envigored, age itself defeated!

"The genius Bacon's cipher will endure for centuries. No doubt some will think it a hoax. But one day, after the Society has faded from this Earth, Deo volente, someone will find the clues I've left. Someone will..."

His voice trailed off as a shadowy figure rose behind him. "Give us the Manuscript, Joen. You know the reach of our dominion. We will have it in the end; your recalcitrance buys you nothing but torment at my hands."

"It is forever beyond your reach, philistine!" replied Bosch. "The Manuscript belongs to the future now, to that enlightened civilization which is to follow..."


Hard-of-hearing hipster <strike>symbologist<strike> music major Amelia and her friend Luke were looking at the famous painting The Garden of Earthly Delights and discovered, much to their amusement, that a guy had some music on his butt! Amelia transcribed it and put an audio file on her tumblr. It took off so hard that was crazy??? Amelia won the internet for a day with her 600-years-old butt song from hell.

The end.

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