EDIT: next discussion in two weeks! Finish the book!

We've hit the halfway point. 6 out of 12 issues or whatever you call 'em.

Thoughts? I enjoyed this thing wholeheartedly, especially the intricacy of the flashback sequences, the way the art ties into the words, the quotability. Also, one of my favorite literary tropes is stuff set in the future but with changes to the past that you only gradually find out.

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Another thing that might not be apparent to younger readers - when Watchmen came out, it looked very old-school in its layout. At that time, comics were really starting to get flashy with their artwork (because personal computers I reckon). Watchmen is strict nine-panel and very old-fashioned in its layout of the comic sections. Not sure why they did that but visually it made Watchmen stand out, and look a bit dated even when it was first published.

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