Sorry for another round of shoutouts, but it looks like consensus in the last thread was definitely for a graphic novel -- and Watchmen was mentioned the most of the various options. If anyone has any complaints, air them! The previous thread was extremely split of opinion. If not, let's start Watchmen say round about the 21st?

I'm not going to be actively reading since I've got about 14 other books I need to read at the moment. I'll probably keep up, but no guarantees, so I'd prefer it if someone else could make the threads for the actual discussion.

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Watchmen is the last comic with capes book I read. In the early to mid-eighties I read them voraciously and uncritically Marvel, DC, Charlton everything. A friend of mines older brother (the same guy who made me listen to The Jesus and Mary Chains Black and White, ruining pop music for me) said "hey Jake you like comics right?". We loaned me his Watchman I read it that night if I remember right (the 80's were what 15 - 20 years ago?). I read it and promptly lost interest in comics books. Poof gone. I don't know if I should be grateful.

In the 90's I did my bit in the indie confessional b/w comics scene and a draw a comic today but superheroes meh.

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