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Okay, so we took a whole bunch of suggestions here. I'm going to list them below and let's hash this out. Please only support something if you're willing to, you know, read it. We had trouble with participation previously. The most popular suggestion in the last thread was in fact actually a movie as opposed to a book, so you'll forgive me for being a bit worried.

-short stories, specifically by Theodore Sturgeon

-a graphic novel of some sort

-Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman


-Infinite Jest

-The Boys in the Boat

-Darkness at Noon

-The Tale of the Unknown Island

-Science Set Free

-Brave Story

-Ready Player One

Obviously, this is a lot. It'd be great if we could focus on one book but if there's a splinter movement whatever. Personally I'd like to read Darkness at Noon.

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I'm halfway through this monster so I'm a pretty far cry from being able to focus something else I haven't read… but I could expound on The Watchmen as if it were open in front of me.

- "a graphic novel of some sort" pretty much has to be Watchmen, especially if you've no background. You must read this article, even if it's Entertainment Weekly.

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