Darkside is a collab between Nico Jaar and Dave Harrington, both of which are incredibly talented artists. Nico is actually the namesake for this account, and one of my favorite electronic musicians. This is kinda dark, mellow, intricate, house-influenced stuff. The guitar work Harrington provides, specifically on this track, is really creative stuff. And the way Nico manipulates it and constructs a background for it...incredible.

This album actually just received a 9.0 BNM from pitchfork, and it very much deserves it imo.

As an example of the detail that's present in a lot of Nico's work, and to kind of include his solo work in this post, I'd refer you to Colomb in which, if you listen closely, you'll hear that each of the hand claps sounds different from the last.

posted 2464 days ago