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1) The Republicans had seven years to come up with an alternate to Obamacare.

2) The alternate they came up with is perhaps the most universally reviled piece of legislation since the Fugitive Slave Act.

3) Paul Ryan attempted to gild the stinkflower by "amending" it; his amendments, according to the CBO, would still cause 24 million Americans to lose their healthcare but would also decrease the budget savings by 66%.

4) Democrats took the easy way out - point out what a piece of shit the bill was, and what a piece of shittier its amendments were.

5) Republicans were forced to choose between siding with Tinyhands or losing next term and punted, withdrawing the bill from consideration.

6) Trump, ever the skillful negotiator (as one of my friends pointed out, it takes some skill to go bankrupt in the casino industry), doubled down and said if the Republicans didn't bring the bill to a vote today, he'd veto any attempt to pass any further legislation.

7) Paul Ryan, growing more and more appreciative of the shitshow he saddled John Boehner with, tucked tail and ran to Trump to tell him that not even the Freedom Caucus is stupid enough to vote on this abortion of a legislation


(8) is far and away the best part. This was literally the Republican put-up or shut-up moment and they gutterballed so hard it's going to be difficult for them to reach consensus for a while. They're going to need to rally back somehow because, as every Democrat has been pointing out for years, Obamacare is a Republican health care bill. It'sthe only thing that could make it past the Republicans and fuckin'A, it's a long goddamn way from perfect but there is no reasonable, logical way to do anything else "republican" that won't grenade the very lives of a majority of Republican voters.

one of my pundits commented this morning on what a stupid idea it was for the Republicans to go after healthcare reform first instead of tax reform because tax reform would have made all the republicans happy, nobody of consequence would squeal and it would give them a checkmark in the win column from which to broaden their domination campaign. Instead they charged the barricades with wiffle ball bats and got clobbered.

this is an unequivocal loss for the Republicans and anyone who tells you differently is delusional. It's also an unequivocal loss for Trump; if the chucklefuck who ran on what a great negotiator he is can't get a fucking Republican majority to pass fucking healthcare reform, how the fuck is he going to get Mexico to pay for a border wall? Or renegotiate NAFTA? Or strike new trade deals with China?

It's gonna be a fuckin' crazy weekend. Trump ain't sulking down to Florida for the first time in 5 weeks and he's got the whole FBI debacle, a resounding defeat on Trumpcare and Schumer's threatened filibuster to think about. And he can still tweet.

Hold onto your butts.

Trombone  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why does Mount Rushmore Exist?

This was offputting. It drips with disdain. I understand that he's trying to make a political point, but way to do that by being an arrogant tool to the entire state of South Dakota. The best compliment he can come up with in the whole thing is "It was as beautiful as any land I’ve ever seen". That's the compliment equivalent of "meh" while looking down your nose. I've been to South Dakota, and yeah, Mt. Rushmore is kind of strange. "The hubris of man" and all. But? Custer's a great little town, and it's an excellent base of operations to see the state. There's more than a freakin' Pizza Hut there. Try out Wall Drug. Custer SP is quite beautiful. There's Pipestone. There's Badlands. There's Teddy Roosevelt NP. South Dakota is a treasure trove of nature's wonders. Instead of appreciating any of this, our narrator tosses his backhanded compliment out and spills more words talking about the local fauna come begging to lick the salt off his car. Does he ever mention another human being outside of his family unit? Is he that self-absorbed?

If I was to give Mr. Anderson some polite advice, I'd say:

- Go on your trip in season, because things will be open.

- If you want to actually see things, do some research and take some time to get out of your car and take a hike.

- Put down your electronics, and please make your kids do the same. If they're unshackled from their screens for a while, they might actually look around them, and appreciate it. They should understand how fortunate they are to be able to go on such a trip to such a beautiful area of the country. If all they do is Snapchat, you've wasted all your money getting them there.

- Check your preconceptions at the door and talk to people.

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