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The rest of the developed world is just going to have to accept that if they want to move forward on anything, they just have to do it. If the United States wants to play ball, they'll come along, and if not, just don't even bother trying to court them. I think the G7 relies, and has relied too heavily on the US leadership in the past, and it's just not going to happen right now - the GOP is very "stay the course or regress" at the moment, and Trump himself is more interested in playing to his base and distracting from scandal than anything at the moment. His strategy of "well I'll just take my ball and go home" is has to lead to the rest of the world moving on without him, or we will literally get nowhere - it's not worth any political capital to try and convince the current administration of anything.

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I did a workshop yesterday for women researchers, grad students, post docs, professors of CHEMISTRY. The topic they gave me was "How to be a confident leader and mentor." I'm happy to say that it went really well - lots of improv and roleplaying and challenging questions and discussion. The icebreaker was to finish this sentence and share it with the people at your table: "I am driven by ..."

I'm happy to send anyone the pdf of my workshop if you know a woman who feels invisible and wants to build confidence. There was one man, a Chemistry Department Head at a university who came because he wanted to build the confidence of women in his department. He found it personally valuable too, so you don't have to be a grrlski.

Today I'm working on another workshop on communicating nondefensively and waiting waiting waiting waiting for bf's flight back from Israel/Palestine - four more hours.

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