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You can't just leave it there, man! What annoyed you? What surprised you? What made you think? What made you want to not think? What changed about your worldview? What stayed the same?

I just finished Strange Rebels and on the one hand - the idea that the fucking sixties weren't all that goddamn important it's just the fact that the fuckin' 'boomers think everything is about them - is cool. On the other hand, the author is firmly of the opinion that we owe our modern free market salvation to Maggie Thatcher (who didn't go far enough) and Pope John Paul II (because he was Polish, you see) and also Iran and Afghanistan and China. I will freely accuse it of being a 'winger bullshit book.

I'm not even MEW anymore and I've been up since 6am dealing with it. Thank goodness I have a solid team around me. Could not survive without my team.

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