Discussion via Hubski

What is Discussion via Hubski?

Discussion via Hubski mirrors the thoughtful conversations taking place on Hubski onto your existing site. Discussion via Hubski is not a commenting widget but rather a way to connect conversations between your existing users and the Hubski community.

If you are a content creator and and feel you are a good fit for Discussion via Hubski, feel free to apply by reaching out to us at hubskier@gmail.com.

Hubski was a platform that allowed my vision to take shape and develop much faster than would have been possible. I knew that every post I wrote would reach an intelligent community that would challenge me to become a better writer, and also give my website a comment section that would be the envy of the majority of sites relying on comment platforms that do not foster a sense of community.

Cadell Last from The Advanced Apes

Posting my blog on Hubski increased my blog readership exponentially. Adding DvH, led to an increase in comments. Hubski tends to attract intelligent, thoughtful discourse.

lil from Lil's Book of Questions

Hubski is full of great folks and many people who I regard as friends, though we've never met in real life... How could I say no to taking part in it, whether that's just posting/commenting or going so far as to embed Discussions via Hubski on my blog?

StJohn from St John Karp

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