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Foveaux's comments
Foveaux  ·  5 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 12, 2020

Last week we had a public holiday, Waitangi Day, so I took some further days off and had a nice 4 day weekend. I went to Christchurch to visit my brother and my partner's parents. Was such a lovely trip! My brother likes his hiking and long distance running, so he dragged me up into the Port Hills where I took this shot

The body of water is near Lyttleton harbour, on the other side of the Hills we climbed up. The city is well off to the left down the hills once more. The harbour exits into the Pacific.

We went to the latest installments of the Art Gallery

I found this tree! I used to play in this tree when I was a child growing up in this city. I remember the feel of the bark and the safe surroundings very well. A wonderful bit of nostalgia during my trip.

Now this is new. This is the Riverside Market, it opened up at the end of last year, in the main area where the city was demolished by the Earthquakes. We arrived at about 10am and it was dead quiet, but that photo was taken just after lunch and it was humming full of people. The Market was primarily indoors and hosted at least 50 different shops and eateries. Absolutely mindblowing to find it here! We had crepes in the morning, ramen for lunch on the tables in front, then went upstairs and had a few beers from the local brewery under one of those red umbrellas.

We visited the memorial erected for those lost in the earthquakes

It was really tastefully done, I felt. A simple wall just sitting by the lazy Avon river, people having lunch in it's shadow, or visiting the names of those they lost.

Just another photo - this is directly outside the City Council building. I've always admired the energy put out by the Maori carving work.

Afterwards we headed back to her parent's place and by night time her father had his telescope out and we had a look at the moon in startling clarity. Could make out the scars and craters all over.

I've become a 12 year old again and have been having an absolute blast playing Modern Warfare. I thought I was too old and crusty to be any good but my old friends who felt the same banded together and clean house most matches. Infected is a wonderful game mode - for the uninitiated, Infected is where all players started with the same equipment; a count down begins giving you time to run and hide or barricade yourself in somewhere. Once the countdown ends, a randomly chosen player switches sides and becomes the infected player, armed with a knife and greater movement speed - tasked with turning every other member over to their side. It quickly becomes an absolute mess as you find your team mates whittled down and switched over, suddenly you're holed up in a dingy building as these madmen clamber over your walls and claymores to end you. Or you hide in a bush and pray they don't get close enough to see your nametag.

Anyway I've been having fun. Hope you're all safe and sound.

Foveaux  ·  5 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 12, 2020

I've played many, many games in my short life - Stardew Valley still has the most hours poured into it by far. Hundreds. Replays, figuring out the most efficient money maker, trying different map layouts.

Of course you need to court absolutely everyone just to see their heart events. But I agree who doesn't like cake? Purple haired lady will literally eat rocks when you give her some but noooooo cake is just too moorish.

Can confirm it is rather hot and sunny down here in the Southern Hemisphere. We hit our hottest temperature of the Summer at 2-3am and we've gotten hotter since.

Foveaux  ·  8 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Bizarre World of Fake Martial Arts

Hey I too first watched these kind of videos a little bit drunk. Fascinating shit.

I think it was also a similar video that taught me the totally legit move "Monkey Steals the Peach" - have I ever used it? No all my fights have been rugby related. Do I want to? .. Yeah kinda.

What is IRC? From what I've gathered it's a chat thing?

Quatrarius  ·  6 days ago  ·  link  ·  

IRC is instant messaging for tech nerds and old people

lil  ·  6 days ago  ·  link  ·  

click the irc link at the bottom

Foveaux  ·  20 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Boys today. Oof. (seriously intense article)

In my sex ed classes in High School (around 2006/7) we had a wonderful teacher who didn't just focus on STDs, contraception and the like - but discussed what a healthy relationship should entail, and the signs of an unhealthy relationship.


They were particularly helpful lessons as rural New Zealand can be a difficult place to develop into an adult. You play rugby? You're a king. You bang the girls and crush tins and you'll be praised for it. "Pressure's on boy, have you rooted her yet?". Everything was a competition and I bought into it wholeheartedly because I wanted to continue to be a part of it all. It was all I knew, and all I cared about - like the above linked comic.

Despite the helpfulness - it took me until my early 20s before I started treating women in the right manner (as y'know, actual people) - nearly a decade of sex-having where I saw it as a conquest rather than an experience.

Now there's a whole host of young guys at our gym, 16-19 years old. Most starting a new year off, trying to get jacked for the girls. I chat to them about training and we move into life topics, eventually one will ask how I know all the "hot sluts" at the gym.

My response is now "Well I don't call them sluts, that's my first bit of advice". The girls at the gym are friendly with me because they know I'm genuine and am actively not trying to sleep with them. I've introduced them to my girlfriend at the gym, I've helped them prepare for powerlifting competitions, practice lifting techniques and so on. My interest is their enjoyment of their sport and feeling comfortable in the gym, as they deserve to feel. Ogling them and referring to them as "hot sluts" is the exact opposite of what I want for them, and should be the opposite of what these young men want as well.

I can speak to these boys from experience because I used to do the exact same thing as them. But one-by-one I'm going to get these young men to come around earlier than I did.

Anyway it all has to start somewhere. So why not me? Why not now?

Foveaux  ·  14 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Let's predict the 2020 Dem Iowa Caucus results

Question for the 'Muricans - do you think that, if Bernie was to run against Trump in the big dance this year, would he stand a chance?

Liike Goobster said, I like the world Bernie paints. But looking at the political spectrum over in the States, compared to here in NZ, it seems like Bernie is going to be way too 'left' to ever get enough support around the nation.

In NZ, our two major parties are about centre left and centre right in our spectrum, but they'd both appear to be heavily left in the American version of it. Just from watching things unfold, Bernie would have a solid spot in our country, but in America? Dunno.

kleinbl00  ·  14 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I think the Republicans started winning the South because the Democrats came out against racism. I think the Republicans kept winning the South because the Republicans didn't have the strength or numbers to to dismantle the social safety net. I think the Republicans have taken over the South because their daddies were agin the desegregators and that's the way it's always been but I think the Republicans are in danger of losing the south because they've cheerfully watched it slide into ruin.

it's easier to say that "conservative" politics dominates the Republican field without recognizing that what elected Trump? Was radicalism.

There have been five polls in the past year in which Trump beats Sanders. I'll let you discover how many he wins in.

bfv  ·  14 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Republicans won't lose the south until abandoning them feels more like flipping off the rest of the country than capitulating to it. If Sanders were a southerner the south would be his.

kleinbl00  ·  14 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I appreciate what you're saying but I remember when California was Republican. Mitch McConnell's Senate win in 1984 was the first state-wide Republican win in Kentucky since 1968. Slowly, and then all at once.

Foveaux  ·  14 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I hope you're right!

OftenBen  ·  13 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The important thing in this discussion is to studiously avoid any and all mention of the religion directly responsible for the rabid, unyielding core of Republicanism.

nil  ·  12 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The Spirit of Capitalism.

If you can pull it off without being a Calvinist the results are the same I think. America is a very individualistic place.

kleinbl00  ·  13 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Naaah we can talk about that but it's important to recognize that the religion was a useful segue into a new demographic, not the original intent.

At the risk of throwing myself at a wall of negativity.. My previous government job had me interviewing clients to determine what kind of assistance they would need post-injury/surgery. ACC, New Zealand's fantastic compensation system. My role was essentially in a glorified call centre, we got paid very well but had to turn over a shit load of clients to meet the expectations. 20 minutes an interview was the expected run-time, I could do it in 4 but the Case Manager who got my interview script would have sweet fuck all to go on, so it wasn't worth the hassle doing calls quickly and answering further questions the next day.

We were measured on all numbers of things - a large flatscreen in our open space office would display something similar to Klein's picture - current call time, current "mode" (if you take a piss, you had to dial 69), number of calls taken and number of calls completed, and if you were on outbound, number of calls made and number of calls connected. They'd track you daily, weekly, monthly and pull you up if things slipped. I made the mistake of learning quickly so my numbers were solid from the get go, but then any lull required a meeting.

We hated it, of course. Being chained to your desk in all ways but physically. I accidentally left myself in toilet break while on a nasty call and it looked like I had just passed out taking a dump somewhere in the building.

Current job? My Performance Review is now based on things a lot less... metric-y. There's no numbers to crunch, it's more a feel for how people think I'm doing. My interactions with others, how involved I am, how quickly I respond to problems or pre-empt them. If you wanted, you could coast in this job and never get a pay-rise or considered for promotion, but you would stick around for a decade. Or until they restructured.. But if you want to get more money, get more involved and offer yourself up to help newbies in different departments - failing money, I have been gifted at least 6 different times with craft beer from a thankful staff member or manager.

Our reviews are personally handled - before the review we get the chance to write as little or as much in the template, and our manager will go over it and add to it as they see fit. I wrote damn pages because I was so involved with things and I wanted to wax lyrical about everything I did. It helped, and my manager agreed with it all. So you are sort of put in the spotlight trying to justify the work you do, but you aren't held to straight up numbers that prove to be a detriment to you doing a good job, so that's nice.

I didn't really answer the question did I..

Foveaux  ·  18 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hey Hubski, tell me a story about your dad

I have plenty about my own father but I need time to pick the right one - so for now I'll do my favourite story about my mother's dad - who passed away November 2019. Grandad was named Donald, but none of us grandkids could say Grandad or Donald properly so one child settled on "Dons" and it stuck. It's even on his headstone now :)


Dons went to the same University I went to, and the one I now work at. Shit we even attended the same High School and lived on neighbouring farms on the Clutha Delta.

At University he did his Masters in Music Composition. He was an incredible pianist, which is a key part of this story.

So after finishing his Masters, he and 4 of his friends planned their OE to Australia - they hopped on a ship leaving Dunedin and eventually landed in Sydney. After exploring the city a bit, one friend got the wild idea to have a race down south, to Melbourne. Everyone split into pairs except Dons who had a masterplan he wanted to try by himself. One pairing opted to try and bus down, the other pair tried hitchiking. Soon after they had left, Dons headed back to the port they had arrived in, found a ship headed for Melbourne and offered to play the piano during the nights in exchange for lodgings and food. They accepted, and he spent a leisurely time sailing down the coast taking turns with other musicians at entertaining the wealthy guests. He arrived 3 days before anyone else, left a note at the CBD post office that read "Eat my dust - find me at the [local watering hole]". The two other pairings of friends made their way in and enjoyed the rest of their trip swapping experiences.


Knowing what I do of my grandfather, he seemed the least likely to ever try some wacky stunt like that. But I've only ever known him as the master gardener and pianist, an ex-teacher with a stern frown when you misbehaved but nevertheless a warm embrace when you arrived.

It was just quite cool knowing he pulled shit like that in his heyday, just like any other youth with life ahead of him.

I will continue pondering something on my own father!

Foveaux  ·  26 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 22, 2020

Work is finally looking at adjusting my contract to match the pay with what I actually do. During their massive 'restructure' (mass firing and culling of roles) I was dropped down a level - I fought to keep my salary the same and they agreed, but the lower level meant my pay increase ceiling got much lower and I've now hit that ceiling after only 2 years in the job.

So my boss and her boss and his boss have agreed to figure out a way to keep me on board, because if I can't keep making money I bounce. If I bounce, an entire Department goes tits up as well as any others I was supporting in my spare time. When your restructure planned to cull about 100 jobs and you lost nearly double that, things get a little hairy and you suddenly ask even more of your remaining staff than ever before - thankfully, I like being needed. But I also like being paid.

Current plan is to reinstate me at the higher level, which should allow for about 3-4 years of pay rises and by then I'll have ideally moved to a higher up job.

However, nothing will compensate me enough for being the in-house "tech support" for a bunch of Academics. Some earn around 180k a year for a cushy post-medical role. One used to be a neurosurgeon. Operating on brains with precision and an absurd amount of knowledge crammed into his head; but I got a call from him asking if I knew how to attach a document to an email. Another stormed into my office saying her computer had died - so I went in and pressed the power button.

They're good people - just amazes me what they appear to have traded in for the pursuit of academia.

Got a collar for our cat - he ventured outside for the first time since we got him! There's a lovely three part photo series of his wander - first he is sitting by the open door, next he's outside looking back through the glass and realizing his safe space is actually in there, the third photo is a blur as he streaks back in to safety. Still, he went outside again soon after and seems to be happy to try his paw as he feels comfortable.

Cumol  ·  26 days ago  ·  link  ·  

It amazes me how little academics know about computers. And some of that stuff I thought was common knowledge.

A post-doc came to ask me yesterday how to connect to the network printer... Google "how to connect to network printer"... I am completely puzzled. For basically every computer-related issue, I am the #1 person to ask. I never say no. I want to help. But sometimes it really makes me wonder how those people manage their day-to-day life.

But there is another level of weird. Does something like "programmophobia" exist? Some deeply rooted fear of anything coding/programming? Because I swear, academics (specially in biology and medicine) have a major case of that.

The moment my boss was not able to open a file (with 10k rows and 40 columns) in excel, it probably downed on him, he is doomed. Instead of accepting that he has a problem that he needs to fix (learn coding), he directs it to other (like myself).

The battle between us started 3 years ago when I started using R to analyse my data. Since then, I have been constantly told that my data analysis is "too complex". I have a few terabytes of firing neurons that I need to make sense of. How the fuck am I supposed to deal with that???

I think anyone in science that is under 50 and cannot code (or is not learning coding) will be jobless in 10 years. No way around this.

kleinbl00  ·  25 days ago  ·  link  ·  

So here's the thing. For whatever reason, roughly 80% of any given task can be accomplished without too much advanced knowledge. That probably seems like a gross oversimplification but if you think about your day, how much of it could someone else do with some rudimentary instruction? Now granted: the roughly 1/5th of your day that requires your advanced knowledge and experience will likely tear down all the good the 80% has (and then some). More importantly, you as an expert likely have a sense of where the dividing line is: they won't be able to fly the plane into the ground if you hand the stick over at 30,000 feet but if you go take a leak while you're on approach, there might not be a cockpit to come back to once you've zipped your fly.

The people you deal with? Yeah. Nearly all of the stuff they're asking for they can handle. But they don't believe that. More than that, they don't feel familiar enough with the technology to be able to distinguish between the stuff they can screw up and the stuff that ends up as twisted metal.

Dollars to donuts every single one of them has a story where they were simply following directions on the Internet and before too long they'd BSOD'd the entire lab. "How to" and "network" often give you results involving "sudo" which gives you dire warnings about passwords and thermonuclear armageddon and frankly? Scaring people who don't have the confidence to hack at root keeps a lot of trees from dying.

I find that the more intelligent a person is, the more weight they give to the risks of attacking something they don't understand. And unlike you, they didn't grow up with it - they were peacefully typing on an email and then all of a sudden they need to figure out what Dropbox is. Before too long they're expected to screencast their lectures and have their notes up on Canvas and every year brings yet another digital encumbrance that they're having to integrate into a practice that was working just fine, thank you very much. And really, it's all just an excuse to be laughed at by the people who understand it. You say "learn coding." They hear "learn Hindi." How do you start that? And how do you keep the nose up while you're doing it? Because if you're doing it on work stuff at least you're getting paid, but you're also likely to go Tango Uniform. If you do it in your off hours you now have a thoroughly lame hobby.

I think you're right - if you can't code under 50 you're screwed. But I also think that you can make your own life a whole helluva lot easier if your instinct is to sherpa them through the nasty bits. You have a skill they don't and if you can be open and forgiving and friendly about their shortcomings they will come to you for help and it's always great to have a superior that depends on you for the stuff they're too embarrassed to be able to figure out.

Cumol  ·  25 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I get your point. Showing them (and explaining) how it is done is the better solution for all, but it takes so much more time than doing my 3 clicks, specially on tasks done only once on a machine (like the network printer).

Funnily enough, my boss seems to try and get rid of me. Even though I won the coding battle (the whole lab is learning coding now) I seem to be someone he doesnt want to have around too long. There could be many reasons (I am not easy to control) but it still feels weird. When you feel like an asset to the lab but it's not enough to be kept.

kleinbl00  ·  25 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Consider it an investment. It will pay off. Unless they're assholes in which case they resent you for knowing stuff they don't and shit like that. Those guys? They can improvise.

goobster  ·  26 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I was a SysAdmin at NASA in the 1990's.

Best SysAdmin job ever. Geeks everywhere, who WANT TO KNOW why something doesn't work, or how it is supposed to work.

I even had lunch one day sitting on a decommissioned one of these:


Foveaux  ·  6 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 369th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately"

Had no idea Enter Shikari were still making tunes, last I heard they were on a recording break but bam they put more out.

Foveaux  ·  27 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Michigan Hubski meetup!

Aw looks like a great time, always pleased to see meetups like this.

Foveaux  ·  33 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 15, 2020

Just had the final of three guests in our new house. My girlfriend's parents visited, then my brother and his girlfriend, then my friend from the UK, whom I've never actually met as we only know each other through the rugby podcast we're on. He had never been to New Zealand so I got the pleasure of showing off the southern gem that is my city.

Basically we ate a lot of really nice food and he got sunburnt on an overcast day cause New Zealand hates you if you're pasty.

Was great having guests, but being back to just me and my girlfriend is very nice.

I've read my usual new book over the New Year break, now to bust out this macrame set I got given as a gift.

Foveaux  ·  34 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Gamers of Hubski, what have you been playing lately?

Ohhhh so many. Since building my PC I now have a few things to spend my time on if I feel like it. PC, Switch, PS4 covers a good few bases.


Destiny 2 - it's Free to Play on Steam (need to purchase the DLC if you want to progress to where everyone else is playing though) and I've been playing with a group of friends.


Terraria - Forgot how much fun this game is. Every time I think I've completed it, there's a whole new world that gets opened up for me and I'm getting kind of ridiculously powerful in some cases (like 3 seconds to kill an early game boss that took almost an in-game night previously) but hilariously weak in the next stage.


Path of Exile - Again with a group of friends. It's pretty fun and easy to pick up, plus the Kiwi-inspired design and voices are always enjoyable.


The Witness - I still don't fully understand this one, it's just a world full (and I do mean full) of puzzles to figure out. They all pretty much link up with other puzzles so you wander through the map doing what you can. Very peaceful!


Kind Words - You write letters to people who are having a hard time or need advice.


Binding of Isaac - I'm terrible at this, but my partner is like incredible. When we first met she mentioned she had a good amount of time put into it and me being a veteran of many games thought I would see if I stacked up. I did not. She cuts through runs like a knife through butter while I run in circles from an early-game enemy.


The Witcher 3 - another playthrough since watching the Netflix series. I know exactly how the game will pan out but I still thoroughly enjoy hooning around the map on Roach and deciding on which quest to do next, fight that werewolf or find the old lady's missing frying pan?


Modern Warfare (the new one) - campaign is pretty cool, but I'm way past these games to be honest. Used to love playing them in my younger years, and I was good enough to win competitions back then which should tell you how much time I committed to it.. Nowadays it's a bit of fun with friends.


Monster Hunter - god I'm awful at this. Truly awful. But again, friends are playing it and I have the game so why not. It's kind of fun actually, my friends will often record battles and you can see this wonderfully in-sync team hacking at this monster with precision strikes and I'm in the background figuring out how to draw my sword and accidentally bringing out a campfire to cook a roast.


Dead Cells - A beautiful and punishing game. Lovely music, lovely artwork, the mechanics are so smooth and crisp. Once you get the hang of it you'll be playing at breakneck speed and boy is it satisfying.


Borderlands 3 - Finished it, but occasionally hop on with some friends to cause some havoc. Very much what you'd expect from the franchise, not as amazing the 3rd time around sadly.


Okami - My partner has been playing this. I got it for her as she recalled enjoying it years ago.

kleinbl00  ·  34 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Destiny 2: free to play on Steam, $80 a year Playstation Pass and $80 a year in updates from Bungie to play on PS4. Not only that they had an expansion about eight months back that you literally could not play through unless you were (A) a tryhard (B) rolling with five other people (C) a tryhard rolling with five other people. I was big into Destiny for quite a while but fuckin' hell, man, I have a life. I got booted out of my "clan" for not playing enough... by a guy with 11,000 hours into the fucking game.

It's awesome to me that Okami has been mentioned twice. I've played through that game like four times. Never have gotten that last stupid golden bead at the end of the forest race. It's hella easier on PS4 than it was on PS3, though, and it was hella easier on PS3 than it was on Wii.

Foveaux  ·  43 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: It Was a Good Run

    When the cuts come, they won’t come for the administration or the diversity staff. Academic programs will be the first to go, which raises some interesting questions about what the purpose of a university is.

Interestingly, I work at a University and we have just finished phase 1 of the dreaded "restructure" in our division (Health Sciences). All they've done so far is cull about 180+ administrative/non-academic jobs and reshape those remaining so they get paid less. Hilariously, we're now woefully understaffed, performing poorly and morale is at an all-time low.

Apparently the Academic roles are next in the firing line but they will have so much more negotiating power so I anticipate them being better off than us. Having said that, the division I'm in is the gem of the University and the Arts/Humanities programmes are slowly being destroyed so my experience might be odd the exception to the articles prediction.

kleinbl00  ·  42 days ago  ·  link  ·  

And as I recall, aren't you in NZ?

Foveaux  ·  42 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Indeed! I am seeing the same things unfold here though. Massive hike in numbers during an economic downturn etc. So found it interesting reading nonetheless.

kleinbl00  ·  42 days ago  ·  link  ·  

What does tuition look like over there? Just curious. I know much of Europe is subsidized to various degrees but I"m pretty well out of my depth when it comes to international higher ed.

Foveaux  ·  42 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Hmm so I guess it depends on what you're studying - when I was at Uni 2008-2011 that cost me about 35k, standard 4 year BA. Definitely less than 10k a year.

However, say you wanted to get your MBChB, a 6 year course in 2020 you'd be set back a little over 90k by the end. Though that's for a domestic student, an international student doing the same course would be paying 70-80k a year for most of the 6 years.

The domestic student prices listed are the subsidized versions of it, but I couldn't tell you what the true number is. I know a majority of the Universities get about 30% of their funding straight from the Government but they will allocate that as they see fit/according to their programmes.

Foveaux  ·  40 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Craft Fair v1.25 - January 8, 2020

Alright! So, garden. Please ignore the messy soil etc, we've had winds so strong someone is in hospital after a branch fell on them walking down the street - all kinds of crap has made it's way in but it shall be tidy again! I would like to pour one out for both my spinach and my capsicum. The spinach grew well. Too well. It went to seed rapidly and we had to remove it before ever trying some.. Next time we'll be better prepared! The capsicum, well I planted four and one by one they literally disappeared. I don't know what happened to them. Maybe a large enough bird took a liking and just ripped them out?

Firstly, my peas. Growing nicely, got them on stakes but they're producing pods and becoming full without getting much taller so it may have been overkill.



Now, the carrots - and some chives in the bottom left, apparently chives help keep some sort of bug away that will otherwise consume my precious carrots. The carrots are far too bunched together but I planted them in a very hectic time and we weren't able to visit for a while, they have been thinned at least! The tiny ones I unearthed during this process were delicious.



The spuds! I planted 9 spots, only three have taken. Apparently the soil has been used as a dumping ground for a few years, so it's time to make it happy again. This is a good trial run at least. I worked the soil over initially and I found plastic, beer bottle caps, glass! So in time I'll be able to get it cleaner.



The cat! Elvis is settling in nicely. Even handling the various visitors we've had over the past couple of weeks. Normally he'd shoot away as soon as you sneezed but now he sticks around to receive pats from strangers. Still can be skittish and does not like to be looked directly in the eye. However, he has this fluffy gray blanket he loves, and my partner's mother got us this floral bit of fabric for him to scratch up, ideally saving our furniture. Gonna come in handy as we're replacing these light brown seats for a larger L-shaped sofa and I have no doubt the wee man will tear it up. But look at him! He's so comfy now.



To a slightly different project, the road to the 140kg bench has begun. I was meant to have this done last year, but it was a very messy year and training seriously fell by the way side. Below, is 115kg - a weight I've dropped down to focus on some technique tweaks I want to try. Basically revamping my entire setup. My current max is 137.5kg which is frustratingly close to 140 but, gotta earn it I guess. I know this and the cat aren't exactly a craft so I won't be updating on these part, but they're a "project" of sorts so I included them once for my peace of mind.