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Today's my 3rd day in Eindhoven, and it's been awesome so far. Eating delicious vegan food every day, slowly getting to know the 40 young folks in the crew, biking everywhere, barely drinking. Feels super wholesome - I think I needed that in my life right now after the crazy summer of debauchery I've had. Prepping for dutch design week right now and getting in the groove of the film crew.

I wish i could have gotten here earlier honestly, seems like it's been lots of fun and the project is wrapping up in december. But the founder is very seriously looking into buying land in Portugal and building an alternative community. Pretty much a hippy commune, but a high tech version where you document your processes and share it all open source and do R&D for sustainable living.

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Perspective is talking to family members who have never been west of Michigan or east of Rhode Island about you preparing to go in to a completely foreign country, Bhutan, and looking up places to stay in Bangkok on the way.

There’s a lot to be thankful for, it’ll be a big list this Thanksgiving.

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Going to a DSLR from a pocket point and shoot a few years ago was a wonderful change. My lizard/frogs/bugs photos jumped up in quality significantly. Fall is coming up, and the bugs are starting to get more sparse, so I've been focusing more and more on birds. They're more difficult to work with though, as they're often any combination of pretty far away, very shy, move around a lot, or sticking to the shadows and thick leaves and branches. My 70mm lens isn't cutting it, so I'm gonna save money so in the spring, I can buy maybe a 400mm lens or something. I already have a bird/bug hunting strategy for if and when I do. From sunup to about ten, I'll have the bigger lens out for birds. Then from ten to early afternoon, when the birds become less active, I'll switch to the 70mm lens and turn my attention on the crawly guys.

iNaturalist has done me a lot of good this year, motivating me to get out more. I've learned a lot from it too and look forward to getting out and learning more the rest of this year and into next year.





I wanted to talk about other things tonight, but my heart isn't in it at the moment. I don't want to be all Facebook Melodramatic Cryptic Post or anything, but I don't want to go into detail about some hardships I'm working through. My burdens are my own to worry about and I'm trying my best as possible to be a level, positive voice on Hubski and in life in general. I'm having a tough year though, I'm ashamed to admit, and today was such a good day it really made me realize how much I've been struggling, for quite a while actually. I know I'll survive in the long run, cause I'm a never give up kind of guy and I'm blessed with some genuinely good people in my life, so don't worry too much. All that said, maybe if some of you are the praying type, as vulgar and selfish as it is for me to ask, throw one or two my way?