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b_b  ·  3732 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Climate change and Phoenix

Yes, there are some major companies that have designs on building a pipeline form the Great Lakes to the SW. That's how a lot of people want to 'solve' this problem. "We've created an environment disaster. Hmmm. How do we engineer a solution? Wait, I know. Let's create an environmental disaster bigger than we could've ever dreamed!" The simplest solution for the good people of Arizona is to look for jobs in other, more sustainable, locations ASAP. Because eventually they are going to face a mass exodus the likes of which will make the exodus from places like Detroit, Buffalo, and Cleveland look like a dress rehearsal. I sound alarmist, but I think I'm right. What is the other possible result? Phoenix is a metropolis in a place not equipped to have a tenth of its population long term. The Nation has described the looming disaster as The Greatest Water Crisis in the History of Civilization, and they are convinced they aren't being hyperbolic. The problem is people think, "This is America. We won't run out of anything, ever." The very basic law of conservation of mass says they are wrong. My advice, as an outsider who is not connected to the place in any way so its east for me to say, is get out. Now. There is no way to make water on a scale large enough to support a metropolis.