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syncretic  ·  2932 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I created a wiki for hubski, and I'm looking for some help.

    The site is packed with ads and distractions and is the opposite of the feeling I get from being on Hubski.

Really? I have adblock, so it looks ad-free to me.

    Can the wiki migrate later? I'm sure mk would want it hosted on hubski itself... without ads.

mk said that he doesn't have time to make a native wiki on hubski itself, but he would definitely be willing to link to one hosted by a third party. Wikia is the most reliable, free wiki service that I know of, but if someone knows about a better one, we could definitely use that instead.

I would like to create some sort of wiki. Right now the FAQ is just a static page, it's only editable by the admins. We would be able to crowdsource and create a really awesome, all-inclusive FAQ, and we could do other things as well like create a "History of Hubski" page that would document all of the changes to the website and how it evolved, among other things.