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Cortez  ·  2891 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I created a wiki for hubski, and I'm looking for some help.


    * @CortezV slaps syncretic around a bit with a large trout <@CortezV> A good addition to the wiki would be a timeline, though we'd need someone good with graphics design <@CortezV> Yo, that's actually a good plan, let's hunt down someone good at graphyics design and make a timeline, this timeline will allow (you oldfags) to brainstorm events that allow you to write pages about it. This will allow us (newfags) to get a good understanding of Hubski's past.

My idea is simple, we get individuals who have used this site for over a year to brainstorm about events and compile them, each event will have a wiki page written on it and allow us to fit it into a timeline. This timeline will allow us new years to get a good understanding of Hubski's past, and potentially allow us to see where it's going for the future while of course feeding the wiki with information.