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kleinbl00  ·  407 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Intimate portraits of a hospital COVID unit from a photojournalist-turned-nurse

    I have a double handful of folks I could cite as examples who have lost family members to Covid and still give money to anti-mask, anti-vaxx movements.

LOL and they browse npr.org erry morning, right? riiiiight?

You can be in the right and still need propaganda. There's a bunch of people out there sacrificing, and there's a bunch of people out there demanding their freedom not to sacrifice. Those obsessed with freedom are perpectually free from the Sauron's Gaze of liberal media - it's not like there's been no coverage of COVID wards before. However, those who are sacrificing just rolled through their third COVID christmas. Who had to tell Grandma they ain't coming. Who are suffering through Year 2 of bullshit online classrooms, who are seeing prices at Home Depot up 100%, 200%, and they need to be reminded what they're sacrificing for. You think mk shared this because he thought it might convince someone on here to get vaxxed?

You'd probably be happier if you'd confront whoever you're really mad at because the world at large will never be able to give you the response you want.