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user-inactivated  ·  743 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Big-Money Investors Gear Up For A Trillion-Dollar Bet On Farmland

I don't think selling out is the obvious choice because it's the right choice, I think selling out seems like the obvious choice because so many people are getting backed into a corner. What the right choice is, well I dunno. I do know though, that corporate farms, have a detrimental effect in communities where they exist. Less jobs, lower wages, more financial insecurity, more environmental degradation, on and on it goes. If I owned farmland? I'd own it until my dying breath and well before then, make sure I'd find a good steward to own it well after I'm gone.

I also know this though, this whole trend of the wealthy and ultra-wealthy looking at turning anything and everything into a speculative instrument is getting kind of tiring. Hubski in general and kleinbl00 in particular has heard my rants before, over the years, so I spared him my usual song and dance in his rent thread about maybe we wouldn't have anywhere near as big of a rent crisis right now if people didn't treat real estate as money printing machines. But this nonsense of snatching up and turning over land and property, businesses, over valued stocks, and on and on, in search of wealth, has gotta stop. It's killing us. I mean, we're turning nursing homes into speculative instruments. At this point, I can't really imagine how we can go much lower from here.

Do I have any good answers? No. But I'm sure others do, and shrugging our shoulders probably isn't part of the formula.