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kantos  ·  57 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: How do you combat noise and light pollution?

Your second source covers these light pollution-averse practices, but this paper mentions these methods being written into law in some regions/nations.

    The technical parameters of light sources and actions required to lower artificial light at night (ALAN) pollution are well known (Falchi et al., 2011), and some of them are already implemented in regional and national laws in several countries, including Italy, Slovenia, Chile, Spain, France and Croatia. These actions include: aiming the lights only downwards, instead of wasting light by directing it above the horizontal plane; orienting street lights towards the target (e.g. on the road or pathway, not towards private properties or windows), and turning lights on at the correct timing, using smart and adaptive lighting technologies. Other regulatory measures to reduce LP include regulating, on sound scientific basis, the absolute minimum lighting levels necessary to perform the action (e.g., driving or walking on a sidewalk) and using light sources emitting less impacting, blue poor spectra, while avoiding high intensity blue emission sources, such as e.g., white LEDs. The use of these strategies, suggested by light pollution experts, can reduce, by an order of magnitude or more, LP in heavily polluted areas.