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kantos  ·  43 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Small stash o' pics from last night's full moon.

Damn. Deactivated last August.

    Seeing as I'm at sea level in Seattle, there's very little reason to try.

In case work ever finds you in a less light polluted city, this is a nice tool for finding good spots for clear skies.

    I will gladly spill whatever tips I can all over anyone else foolish enough to stand up a tripod.

(1) Booyah. IIRC the diameter is a measly 1/2", and it'd really be a nostalgia/feel-good DIY fix more than anything. cloudynights (3rd link) was one of the first places I got the idea for jerry-rigging. btw, LOL (in awe) @ how awesome this forum user's setup is:

Using the dinky thing AS A FINDER.

Scrolling around amazon now for Telrads. Brilliant point about use of filters. That concept didn't transfer from in-class lecture brain to real-life brain. (DOH)

    it looks like the weak point in that scope is the right angle prism. Which is optional and can be replaced.

This is new info to me, and added to the list. Also, in hindsight, microfiber cloth would have done wonders for the quality, too.

(2) This, I don't have an accurate read on given IL desert has ~100m more on my city (Northern FL) on average. Though I can accurately write that the humidity was out in full force last night - more than the usual in FL.

(3) I found the spots based on other redditors' suggestions. I have yet to see anyone else out there yet. Then again, 'small' city = small sample size = small chance of seeing people, etc. A meteor shower+picnic sort of date is in my back pocket, but that's stretch until very comfortable with someone [who is comfortable with being up at peak hours].