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kleinbl00  ·  265 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Solving everything wrong with America at once

You're not shorthanding it, you're dismissing it through cliches. You're chanting "fuck manufacturing" as if destroying every manufacturing job hasn't had the exact cost of creating the vacuum Trump sits in at this very moment.

The Industrial Revolution created a lot of jobs for a lot of people and effectively led to the success of the middle class. It also destroyed the artisan class, led to mass unemployment and created the whole of the Victorian slum ecology that led directly to WWI. You can't just wave your hands and go "they'll get new jobs." They won't. That's why they're mad.

It's the same way you go "American Farmers have already received more bailouts from Trump than the banks did" as if this subsidy, that subsidy, they're all subsidies what does it matter? NO ONE is "A-OK with that." Farming is a fucking catastrophe right now.

I could go on down the list - you don't have any counter-arguments, you have sloganeering reflective of a willful disinterest in the mechanisms by which we've arrived at this point and the mechanisms by which we strive to continue forward. The system certainly needs tweaking, but your viewpoint is effectively "drain the swamp" with a different swamp substituted.

Cut out the cancer. Sure. BUT THE PATIENT NEEDS TO LIVE. You're in full "watch the world burn" mode because you're disinterested in thinking your thought experiment through.