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am_Unition  ·  397 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Donald Trump has been Impeached.

The latest is that Pelosi and Schumer are discussing whether or not they should pass the articles to the Senate.

I think I agree with the House holding onto the mic for now. It's almost assuredly only a matter of time before something else comes out. In the meantime, the Supreme Court will be forced to hear the cases of 1) whether or not the executive branch must respond to Congressional subpoenas (LOL, spoiler: it does), 2 thru 4) three cases involving Trump's tax returns being sought by three separate entities, 5) whether the executive can legally block employees from testifying via executive privilege claims. Also, Rudy Giuliani isn't shutting up anytime soon, and that's a gauranteed constant stream of wtf. There are other threads to pull, too.

I have had little incentive to post much on this topic when we basically figured this out a long time ago:

Edit: although yesterday's news on Parnas's $1 mil loan is certainly not conclusive, I just have to wonder: What service and history of business successes do the people loaning Parnas money point to as generating revenue to repay a loan? Only one thing emerges, which is Parnas's ability to influence U.S. policy through campaign contributions and "intelligence" hook-ups already linked to Russian propaganda efforts, through which Rudy has served, perhaps unwittingly(?!), as the linchpin.

SDNY is poised to blow this wide open. If Barr attempts to quash this, the details will leak, somehow.

If the dems choose to pass the impeachment articles to the Senate, they should then consider the possibility of impeaching Trump again, on another article or two or three in the future. Nothing in the constitution prevents this. The GOP will mercilessly accuse the dems of election tampering, but it doesn't matter anymore. If at least one branch of Congress doesn't keep the pressure up, Trump will be emboldened beyond anything remotely reasonable.

The House has been busy passing legislation completely unrelated to impeachment. Mitch McConnell's senate, on the other hand, has been busy packing the judiciary with unqualified judges. Accusing the dems of "doing nothing" is somewhere north of Trump's 12,000th lie.

Our founding fathers probably couldn't imagine a political party submitting to one man enough to completely subvert congressional oversight. :(.