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kleinbl00  ·  140 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 13, 2019

I have been mired in a situation of vindictive multiracial cancel-culture influencer I-me-mine incompetence for three fucking weeks now.

My hours wasted have left the "tens" and are in the "hundreds".

I am coping with two buck chuck and Jack Daniels.

Yesterday our opponent asked for our termination letter five days ahead of the meeting for a "partner organization on campus." We told them their partner organization was welcome to contact us directly. At this point we got "can we have a phone call? It feels like conversation has gone sideways."

So in other words, we flushed out their lawyers, they know we flushed out our lawyers, and they're still shining us on because they are feckless dipshits. And I mean we have a contract that says we can terminate whoever the fuck we want on no notice what-so-fucking-ever if they don't abide by our terms and we have a signed term sheet and documented violation of it so they can fuck right off to hell but