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kantos  ·  275 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The End of the Year Hubski Relationship Advice Thread

First off, adding this to the saved pile in hopes of more to come. Thanks for writing this and adding your input to the topic. It really does seem like we've had some more relationship chats around here. Kinda heartwarming... if you're a romantic... or like beans.


Aight, I have a stash of mixed posts/comments from goob, lil, and KB. Check it:

This entire thread was good. ^ Also hyper-relevant to your first point. Recommend the whole comment section, it touches on the second point. Probably more to be editted in here. Point 1 and 2 from the main post here got all the cogs spinning.

This comment sticks in my brain, especially recently, as a reminder that taking it slow in any form of relationship (friendship to romantic) is sometimes exactly what both parties need or flat out want. It's also a great segue into the next comment below, yet I think those two from KB go well as a pair, too.

Read 'em and weep, hubs. Been refraining from posting since I've come into another similar place. Being superstitious and not trying to jinx it. But, it's been the most positive budding whatever-the-fuck I've had to date. Happy to say I'm seeing progress from the shitty ghosting situation last year this time, to the shitty love triangle-esque situation half a year ago, up to cautiously optimistic situation I'm in now. I can state this based on emotionally mature conversations for where we are at (boundaries and expectations for a friendship).