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I’m old enough to remember the George W. Bush presidency. Everyone thought he would be a one term president based on the fact that nobody took him seriously. -People in our country and the rest of the globe. But he won a second term. I think that the left is going to make the same mistake again. Assuming that the world doesn’t take Trump seriously because people chuckled at a UN speech. People take sanctions seriously. I guarantee China is taking him more seriously than they have any modern president.

To underestimate this guy is a mistake if we are to win back the WH. He doesn’t care if you think he’s an asshole. You will never vote for him. He just needs his base and some of the middle. I think he’s a two-term President.

When George W. Bush was in office I saw impeach bush signs everywhere. I don’t see that for Trump. There’s a lot of apathy right now. You may not feel it, your friends may not feel it but there are people in the middle that are being awfully quiet. These people were angered by Bush but are remaining docile w trump. Imo.

If the economy tanks he is fucked. So long as it is improving he wins again.

Trust me, it sucks to have a president that I can’t point to as a positive role model for my kids. That blows. I’d like him to be gone in 2020 but I’m concerned he is here to stay because th left isn’t enraged enough and isn’t taking him seriously enough. He’s not dumb.