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If I were the WH I would revoke his pass too and let CNN know that I’d be glad to offer it to another CNN reporter if their choosing. I watched the entire presser. When the president says “next question,” multiple times, you relinquish the microphone. The intern was doing her job. Acosta got two questions in. The guy was being extremely rude. I’m not Trump fan but the news organization that I think is the worst of all of them is CNN. Fox is the right, MSNBC the left and CNN pretends to be the middle. They’re not. I wish to hell they were.

I’m stuck with PBS newshour.

Cable news, CNN among them gave us Trump. They’ll get no pity from me. Again, Acosta was acting innapropriately. CNN sucks.

Take the entire exchange and pretend it’s Obama at the podium saying “that’s enough,” after letting you know several times that your time is up and to relinquish the mic to the next reporter and imagine the reporter is from FOX NEWS. Now how do you feel about the behavior? You may hate the guy, but he’s the president. If he says, “next question,” you move on.