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johnnyFive  ·  348 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Democracy Participation Th{ubski}read

My wife and I did the vote thing this morning before work.

Our Senate race wasn't especially close. But our House race? Currently Abigail Spanberger is up by about 0.6%. It's like 1,900 votes. So I expect there'll be a recount.

It's kind of appalling that Dave Brat did so well. Even other Republicans hate this guy. He's done like one town hall during his entire time in office, and only did so because he was shamed into it (at least in part by conservative media). And of course he held it in Blackstone, which is about the booniest part of his district. My hope though is that Spanberger's lead holds.

Also, how about Wisconsin? It's too soon to say, but as of this writing, WaPo has the Democratic challenger to Scott Walker up by 0.1% with about 77% of precincts reporting. Even if Walker eventually wins, this was closer than I expected. I'm also hopeful that Maine gets rid of Shawn Moody.

Morning update: Super psyched that Dave Brat lost. I guess all those women really were up in his grill. Almost as psyched that Scott Walker lost too.

Brief correction: the guy in Maine, Shawn Moody, wasn't the terrible one. The terrible one was term limited out.