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Luke  ·  144 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong

That part about your metabolism slowing down and you fighting the same hunger your entire life kinda soured the article for me. I was obese, and though it was through a medical problem in my stomach, I lost 80lbs at my max to rest in the middle of the healthy weight range. When the stomach problem was gone, if I tried to eat portions I used to, I'd get sick. And the weight stayed off fairly well (until I recently started a high stress job and turned back to food as a comfort).

That said, people who are visibly overweight face an insane amount of judgement about it. People make it their business what your weight is and what you should be eating and generally just making you feel like you're doing everything wrong even though you're trying. What seems like an offhanded comment for one person can be the third or fourth that person has gotten that day,and it really eats at you, but not such that it makes dieting easier. I was addicted to food and overeating, trying to stop is like trying to quit smoking, dieting is extremely difficult at this point and eventually a person gets fed up of being starving, constantly craving their favorite foods they can't have, and yet still being made to feel like you're not doing enough by others.

It's such a nuanced thing, between the psychology involved, the social aspect of fat shaming, and all the varying and conflicting information out there about the right way to lose weight. That's why there's no "citrus fruit" to its scurvy.