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I think you do a disservice to the severity of a terrifying new epidemic. The Book of Revelation is:

1. 1,950 years old. QAnon is a new wave of memetic lunacy that has popped up within the last two years.

2. Rife with symbolism. QAnon states, with no uncertainty, what is going on and who the "bad" actors are (Democrats, duh).

3. Set in the mythical future, and thus unfalsifiable. The QAnon, erm, movement takes place in the present and near past, and completely disregards all factual evidence against it (which is abundant) to the contrary.

No, what we are seeing here is mankind's ability to delude itself en masse, assisted by the internet. What remains to be understood is the necessary size of a "core" group of members (presumably malicious?) to influence X% of the population, or whether or not this is actually a natural phenomenon that occurs when you disrupt traditional hierarchies of information flow. Unfortunately, there is nothing historically analogous to the impact that internet has had and will continue to have on civilization.

I know that you're pointing out that these are the same people strange enough to give credence to the Book of Revelation, but this is on another level, and we're nowhere close to understanding this yet.

I'm not optimistic about it getting any better anytime soon.

edit: and I should explicitly note that this is not really about QAnon so much as it is QAnon as a litmus test of ideological susceptibility.