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No, dumbass. I'm pointing out that there's a driving narrative to normalize minority or outsider groups that's every bit as proactive as it was in the fucking 40s. Your words:

    This isn't a specifically Jewish problem and Kupperman outright says he's got no ties to Judaism other than his name. He's comparing the humanizing mass propaganda of the forties to demonizing mass media of today.

Go luck up the lyrics to Charlie Daniels' "Uneasy Rider '88" and know that the world has changed radically for the better for transgender individuals. And that's because of the media.




"The media" decided transsexuals were okay some time in the early '90s. And ever since, the pathway has been normalization. You can't say "this isn't a specifically Jewish problem" and then completely ignore the context of the iconic image of normalization of transgender people particularly when Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman made their careers lampooning the transgender community just a generation ago.

I've been aware of Kupperman for 20 fuckin' years. He was in the alt-weekly when I was in college. That doesn't mean his assertion that a Jewish dog'n'pony show during WWII is somehow more normalizing than the assembled media onslaught of the modern era.