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ButterflyEffect  ·  290 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 9, 2018

A few weeks ago I was approached about a different engineering within my company. It turns out it's a lateral move to a plant back in the northeast, one with a lot of problems and changes in leadership, and it feels like they're trying to bring me in to be a "fixer". I've spent days talking this over with people, and still don't know what to do. The part of me that values new challenges and seeing new places is a yes on this, and if I pull it off it would likely be a great career move. The part of me that loves living in the northwest and my status at my current plant is saying to stay here.

It's straining, and it doesn't help having a lot of relationship issues going on at the same time. The root cause of which has a lot to do with my consideration for others in certain aspects of communication, and a mismatch in emotional needs. I'm pretty low maintenance in a relationship, if you can believe that, and it can apparently come across as uncaring. Who knew. Maybe a serious relationship isn't for me right now.