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francopoli  ·  259 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 2, 2018

Weird fucking week here.

I had to get a HepA vaccination. I go to the place, verify paperwork, verify medical history, wait my turn. They take me back to the room and in walks a kid. This gal looked 18, maybe 19. I figured that she was an assistant or other low-level employee to check me in and ask all the medical and allergy stuff before the nurse came in. Then I saw her badge. BSN, RN, APRN. Holy shit. This "kid" has 10+ years of schooling and residency in letters after her name! Assuming starting school at 17, this puts her no younger than 26-28 range. Now, I hate this chick because I have scars older than her and now I feel bad about myself for being old. After the shot, I mentally added two years to her age; she was great with the injection, nearly perfect.

So yea, I'm "that age" now. Fuck.

In other heath news, I'm all but fucked. I'm giving up sugar, grains and starches for as long as I want to remain upright. I am definitely insulin restive but lacking the main markers of full on fuck-you-motherfucker diabetes. Giving up all the junk food, sugar, Chocolate (and that one hurts) has made the numbers move into the "You ain't dead yet" direction. And for the first time in for-fucking-ever? I'm losing about a pound or two a month. I should be losing more. I fast for 80 hours and shit my intestines clean and gain weight. Something they don't tell you about a Keto style diet is the other secondary changes that happen. Think about all the people you know that have trouble waking up in the morning. My working idea on this meme is that the standard western diet is mostly starch and carbs, and 8-9 hours after your last meal you have a major crash in insulin, blood sugar, etc. Those of you that have gone through the "keto flu?" I'm wondering if people are going through that every morning.

I'm sleeping marginally better now. I'm waking up better, not as good as I should, but better. My brain is de-fogging. And those fucking numbers are moving. So physically getting better; mentally pissed off and angry.