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I loved the design! I am surprised to learn that i am a millenial. I have a solution for the problem we have. Wer should make a revelotion. Here the 5 pillars what we should want:

1) A set of Existential Rights for Intelligent Life Forms including Aliens, AIs and Alone Intellectuals. (Alone intellectuals are from traditionally uber-semi-intellectual races like dolphins and apes but accomplished great things and acknowledged as an higher level being than fellow-creatures)

2) The 3 step formula: a decentralised World Federation of City-States, establishing direct democracy via internet, using gold as global currency.

3) World resources can not be allotted to city-states.

4) Universal Basic Income for every intellectual being, for every person living on the planet.

5) A cap for the fortune one can have. Any person can have maximum 2.000 KG gold worth goods and gold. Any “extra” that is earned should either be paid as tax or spent for charity purposes by a none-profit organisation. The “shares”, the “stocks” of a company is not included to this number yet the profit is included. A similar cap goes for legal personalities, for companies too. Maximum cap is 20.000 KG gold and the goods that are production related are not included.