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OK. So do you want to argue with me about how I don't care about what you care about, or do you want to help me understand why I should care about what you care about?

Key phrase: "help me understand"

Not: "bludgeon me with your opinion"

Right now, it's the first, and our lack of accord is a fact. Not much worth arguing about.

Sure, I was dismissive: why should I care?


I do this every day, you know. I review work and identify errors which jeopardize the overall quality of the work as a whole. There is a way to talk to people you want to come to an understanding and work with, and there are infinite ways to ensure you will hate each other and never see eye to eye because of personal grievances.

When you react to perceived criticism emotionally, you automatically lose the chance of convincing the person you're talking with.

Most people aren't deliberately trying to get you upset.

They just don't understand.

Hear them.