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    Do you actually know that one could drop down to part-time, pick their own schedule to bend around school and still keep their full benefits ?

I wasn't referring to dropping down your FT to PT to pursue a master's; I was referring to the fact that master's programs often cater to full time workers by offering part-time and all-night or all-weekend classes to help resolve specifically this problem. So, no, don't drop your FT to PT to get a degree. I'm saying keep the FT and do the extra on the PT.

I didn't dismiss people; I dismissed three incomplete stories as conveyed by a biased narrator attempting to, in at least one case (gabe's) wring despair out of a story profoundly lacking it. Is Elena's the third story I've supposedly dismissed? Funny, cuz I read about her internship and consciously decided that was part of the article I wasn't going to snark on.

I didn't dismiss people; I dismissed extremely small sets of facts about 2 people's lives, presented consciously to evoke certain feelings as well as demonstrate certain points, because I disagreed with their effectiveness.

People have conversations. People tell their own stories. Do you think Gabe would present himself to you as what he's presented here? Or Scott? I doubt it. Maybe if you were an interviewer. And maybe if you picked out the best quotes and chopped up their life facts to try and shape the story that's gonna help drive your audiences to your side.

If you want to take every anecdote in any persuasive piece as a person, and the dismissal of such as an inhumane antisocietal unsupportive callous measure worth reviling, well, go on. Enjoy embracing humanity as you see it.

I just gotta ask, is it really any anecdote in any thesis you elevate to personhood, or is it only the anecdotes in the pieces whose message you already wholeheartedly have bought, because its argument speaks to you/your experience? Because you already agreed with it entirely once you got enough skimmed sentences through it to realize what it was about?