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Interesting presentation. I love the product and the idea (despite failing - so far - to apply my Hubski discount!), and I am glad you got to do the Talks @ Google thing!

I have Opinions about the structure and delivery of your presentation. If you are ever in Seattle, or just wanna Skype about it some day, I'd love to help you refine the talk.

As expected for this audience, they asked a lot about the biology. But I am curious about the business model. So you become a huge success, and ForeverLabs is a household name.

The samples are taken by physicians near your customers.

The submissions are frozen and stored by your lab techs.

People pay you an annual fee to store their cells.

So... what does ForeverLabs do then? Where do you get your intellectual stimulation from? What does the company do with the money they make, other than buy more backup generators? :-)

I want to see that the company is not a one-trick-pony. Having all your business wrapped up in the storage of a bunch of stem cells is a narrow and fragile business plan. So when FL goes big... what next?