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veen  ·  220 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 15, 2017

flop, splat

I tried to get my pizza out of the oven with the first stick-like object in my vicinity - a knife, in this case. Somehow I wasn't careful enough and my dinner ended up on the floor, tomato sauce and mushrooms flying in all directions. The precise physics are unknown to me but I must've yanked it out too fast.

If I set my mind on something that's hard but achievable, I can usually get there. So in the last month I have taken exactly two days off and have spent all the others writing and polishing my thesis to hit my deadline yesterday. It's been tiresome to say the least - not helped by other problems and the fact that stress impacts my sleep noticeably.

Anyway, there was a chapter that I wanted to get done on Monday, so I kept working even after everyone else had left at my internship. Originally I wanted to relax and make myself some proper dinner when I came home. By the time I was home it was almost 8pm (I usually eat by 5:30) and I was so hungry and tired I went with a frozen pizza.

Which then flopped onto the floor.

cue really, really deep sigh

I cleaned it up and managed to salvage the remains. And yesterday I handed in my tome: 25,000 words, just over 100 pages with 70+ graphs and maps. It's not the final document, but a 90%-done document that determines whether you can graduate or whether you need to put more work into it. That meeting is next week. I'm quite confident in what I have, but you never know how the thesis committee is going to take it, especially since this is the first time they will read more than just a chapter here or there.

Today I took a day off to recharge a bit, to do some stuff that I had been postponing. Finally got my inbox back to zero. Called my previous landlord who still hasn't paid me back my €475 deposit. And the dumb sweater I bought online a few weeks ago? It got lost in shipping so they're giving me a refund. I see it as a sign that the fashion gods are giving me a second chance.