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francopoli  ·  370 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What happened when Walmart left

This is why I am on the fence for UBI. There are a lot of places here in the Ohio Valley that need to fucking die already. The only reason they are still 'functional' is the massive amount of US taxpayer dollars for food stamps, welfare, price supports, etc. Even the stores are supported with tax breaks. The median age in these shitholes is 50 PDF link to the state report on aging All the kids with brains get the fuck out, and those that stay have no jobs, no real education and no hope because every adult in their life is a loser. This creates a culture where nobody wants to improve themselves because why bother? Nobody wants to go for a career path because they see a broken system and nothing else. And then they vote for "Make America Great Again!" then cry six month's later when the federal dollars keeping their families alive are all the sudden on the chopping block.

Rural America is dying. And after the last two weeks of tech support hell in Banjostan? Fuck 'em. Let em rot.

(Opinion may change after sleep and/or astronomy)