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kantos  ·  368 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 17, 2017


This past semester: The curve. Praise whatever be. Wow.

Continuing where I left off: My father was kind enough to sit me down and talk over what life looks like if I discontinued schooling in terms of what I'd be taking on, alongside what I'd have to afford in order to continue living the way I am. Long and short of it, a wake up and smell the coffee moment. I knew I could afford to continue the way I am... if I didn't put resources into insurance or any of those rainy-day expenses.... barely.

Catching up to present: Discovering the extent of the curve in my courses in addition to a few comments from the family's matriarch set me straight. I sorta realized I hadn't been fully taking on OftenBen's advice of 'Take what you want and make the university turn it into a degree for you'. Found an easier route than before to graduation with the news that my physics credits from HS count as credits, but not credit hours (ugh). With this news, I'm not so much married to the idea of a physical sciences component of the degree. Instead, I can shift other courses around to replace and further my way outta here.


So the plan be more of an impact in my community is slowly stumbling forward. Starting to make weekly calls to people from a personal growth workshop I volunteer at in order to get closer to others. Also, attending near all the events offered (which aren't too much, in fact) including working at the Mental Health Association's Luncheon for my region - again! (I was invited back) Due to its proximity to the anniversary of Pulse last year, it's no surprise they'll be recognizing the event this year. This will be demonstrated by honoring 60~ of the first responders that night which they could get a hold of. In my eyes, there's a heartwarming gesture planned for having each first responder to Pulse seated at unique tables of 10. My minds eye sees them receiving attention and compassion upon arrival to their seats. We'll see how that goes.

Separately, waiting for my flight to NY to occur. Gathered some reading material for the weekend on geothermal energy. Slowly prepping for the internship.


Last comment here was around the place I was in after a peer's suicide. Grieving took longer than I thought. The thoughts of 'why?' lead me to weird existential questions I had myself. Still developing my own thoughts. Projecting them where ever I went, I came across 'The Philosophy of Attack on Titan' in a suggested watch while rewatching AoT for Season 2. The series regarding Rick and Morty was engaging enough (the Szechuan Sauce cliff hanger had me searching for theories, naturally). The content creator really seems to like Camus in comparison to other existentialist thinkers. Perhaps it was the presentation, or whatever, but I have some of Camus's essays in paperback coming my way this week via amazon.