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galen  ·  396 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 17, 2017


Finished finals 5 days ago. Originally had planned to road trip on the way back with my dad but a sudden onset of vertigo prevented him from driving, so I had to make last minute travel & storage arrangements-- so much fun having that added stress during finals.

But I made it home. So far this break has been pretty great. Saw a brass band on Saturday with some friends, and every day so far I've spent a few hours outside playing basketball, a few hours practicing drums, and some time reading or watching TV or whatever. Going back to part time cooking starting next Monday, which I'm excited for. Considering dropping 1/8 of my weekly pay for biweekly drum lessons with a guy at the university.


Flashback about a month. During a comedy show I went out to do some crowd work and saw this really incredibly attractive girl. Went up to her, bullshit for a little bit about my toes (long story). A couple weeks later in the library I see her hanging out with one of my friends. Through this friend I end up asking her to pep band formal, we go, it's great, she's great. She makes bad puns and says "rip" too much (I say "rip" too much). Later that night my friend texts me to let me know ("just saving your feelings") that she just wants to be friends. Ok, fine. We keep hanging out. (Bad move, probably, which I knew. Hard not to.)

By finals week it really seems like she's into me, friend agrees. Eventually come to the conclusion that it's better not to do anything just yet because a.) it's finals week, everyone is stressed and emotional, b.) I'm terrified of fucking things up and she's terrified of fucking things up, c.) we're leaving for the summer in, like, days.

We've continued texting and snapping, like, most of the time since we both left.


Finished Junot Diaz's Drown on the flights home. Really excellent collection-- the kind of short stories where for the most part the writing is just good enough not to distract from thematic implications, but every once in a while Diaz hits a phrase or a couple sentences that just make you stop for a second to appreciate the craft.

Especially memorable:

    Mami and Tía were frying tostones and the last of the pastelitos. She appeared happier now and the way her hands worked on our dinner you would think she had a life somewhere else making rare and precious things. She nudged Tía every now and then, shit they must have been doing all their lives. As soon as Mami saw me though, she gave me the eye.

Watched Primer with my dad this afternoon. Still processing. If you're not familiar, it's maybe the most complex time travel film ever produced, and it was all done by one guy (writer-director-producer-composer-actor) on $7000 in 2004. Really an incredible feat, and a joy to experience. Will probably spend the evening reading fan theories.

Oof. Been a while, no? Maybe the next post will be shorter.