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kantos  ·  401 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Should I take the job?

    Take the job. You are already a world traveler, and this is an amazing opportunity to see parts of the US and Canada that people take for-granted. It would make a great portfoilio piece for you, and could potentially open up other opportunities while you're on the road.

Seconded. Also, it's an empowering feeling making the money itself, which served me in motivation to seek out more after. At the risk of sounding cold with these contradictions:


    - I have less than 100 hours of driving under my belt (this one mainly stresses my mom out, but it's a little nerve-racking for me too)

THIS is an opportunity to bust the nerve and earn the experience to settle the nerve.

    - I'll be away from my boyfriend this whole time :( He said he can visit if i'm 6-7h drive away... we could probably make it work but it's shitty.


    - Summer plans go down the drain. Probably won't make it to my friend's wedding (the 2k expense was worth it if it's a 1 month trip, but spending 1500 for a week is way over my budget). No fun times in Montreal with my friends. And some (free) work engagements I'll have to abandon.

Not going to smother you with empty platitudes here. It's a downer, and something to weigh as a worthy sacrifice on your own.

    - Maybe no burning man? ( I don't know why that's on my mind since I don't even have tickets yet)

There will be more, and think of the stories you can share with others of your trip once you're back. Plus, you could use this job to seek out other people that attend Burning Men (?) to meet up with next time around.

    - Applied for this grant with this cool project i'm part of, but i can't be employed to get it. So they'd have to find someone else and start over. Feel bad ditching people mid-way...

Refer to opening sentence. :)